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Digimon Exceed Apocalypse (BT15) Boosters (24ct)

Digimon Exceed Apocalypse (BT15) Boosters (24ct)

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Five popular Digimon now have the power of ACE!


Four popular Tamers, including Matt from the Digimon Adventure anime, are here along with five of their partner Digimon, such as WereGarurumon, with the new ACE play mechanic! Build decks based on these ACE Digimon as well as Seekers Shuu Yulin and her partner Ryudamon plus the last boss of Digimon Adventure, Apocalymon, receives its first Digimon card! Apocalymon will also receive a rare low-pull rate card with an alt-art illustration!



Set includes 124-card types with the following rarity;


46 x Common

34 x Uncommon

23 x Rare

18 x Super Rare

3 x Secret Rare

*Also includes alternate art and/or design cards from the above types.

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